Slow Jamz x CNTXT Studios "The Light" Candle

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Inspired by the soulful imagery in Common’s music video for ‘The Light’ directed by Nzingha Stewart, CNTXT and Slow Jamz collaborated to create a scented candle reminiscent of the intimate atmosphere present throughout this iconic video. 

To parallel the overall mood of the video and pay homage to the visual elements in each scene, we wanted to strike a balance of warmth and freshness. Notes of sandalwood incense, amber, and leather as the base and notes of cantaloupe, jasmine, and bergamot for a layered finish.

Each note comes together harmoniously for an earthy woody scent that is also sweet and bright.

We use a natural blend of coconut and apricot with a cotton wick.

Comes in a glossy black glass 8.5oz (240g) container & carefully packaged in an off-white textured paper box. The vellum labels used for this drop are 100% recycled with 100% post-consumer waste material.

Note: Each one of our candles is considered a medium-sized candle (usually between 7-10 oz.) with one wick are appropriate for a medium-sized room, such as a bedroom. If you'd like for the fragrance to fill a larger room like a kitchen or living room, we suggest placing 2-3 candles for a stronger scent throughout.